Charity and Community








International Bear Bash and Bear Bash Events stand united with the Orlando community organizations, our circle of friends, and the amazing people behind these organizations who have been on the front lines helping members of the LGBTQ community.  Since our fist event in 2010, Bear Bash Events has always been charitable toward our LGBTQ community organizations.   It remains our belief, that LGBTQ events like ours should be active participants and supporters within our community.   This belief is rooted in each event we do.


Since our first event, Bear Bash Events has invited local LGBTQ organizations to partner with us.  Our circle of friends and the members of the community we partner with are multifarious.   Through our partnership with local organizations we have collaboratively raised thousands of dollars for these organizations from our organization and IBB guests.


There are two local organizations we frequently partner with.  These include:  The Center Orlando and Hope and Help Center.


The Center Orlando

The Center Orlando main location is located at 946 N Mills Ave in Orlando, FL. The Center has been providing services to the Central Florida LGBT community for four decades and remains one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the Central Florida area.

The GLBT Community Center of Central Florida provides an array of services to the community. The Center is also one of the largest HIV Testers in the State of Florida doing almost 500 tests a month. The Center also offers Hepatitis C and STD Testing. Their testing center is free and is open 7 days a week. The Center also offers other services that include: Social & Support Groups, Professional Counseling, and many other services.



Hope and Help Center of Orlando

The Hope and Help Center of Central Florida is located at 707 Mendham Boulevard In Orlando, FL.   The Hope and Help Center of Central Florida, Inc. (Hope & Help) is committed to promoting community health and wellness through free, HIV testing and referrals for STD screenings.


Additionally, Hope & Help provides Ryan White case management, health care navigation, and support groups for people living with HIV; safer sex education; free condoms; and emergency food assistance.  Hope and Help also stocks a food pantry for members of the community in need.




Cash Contributions

Bear Bash Events has provided cash contributions directly from our organization to local charities.

In 2016, for example, Bear Bash Events made a cash donation of $1,000 to the Hope and Help Center of Orlando and an additional cash donation of $700 to The Center Orlando.  It is our steadfast belief that unrestricted cash contributions help these agencies focus their resources to service lines that best meet the needs of our community.   Moreover, our cash contributions to our LGBTQ community organizations are not the only way we give to these organizations..  


Chinese Auction

Since our first Bear Bash Event in 2010, Bear Bash Events has done a Chinese Auction at all of our destination events and some of our other parties.   At our Chinese Auction our guests can buy tickets, which are sold at our designated charities table in our vendor fair, for a chance to win some great prizes.  Each ticket represents a chance to win an item.   Ticket holders chose which prize they want to win and place their ticket in the box for the prize.  There are often several prizes for people to chose from and guests can purchase as many tickets (chances), from the charities table, as they want.  On the last night of the vendor fair, one ticket is pulled from each prize box to determine the winner of that respective prize.


The prizes for our Chinese Auction are often in-kind contributions to Bear Bash Events from our generous sponsors and vendors, as well as, prizes purchased and provided by Bear Bash Events.   Each year, your Chinese Auction raises hundreds of dollars for our designated charity.


Carnival Games

Since 2015 our event has featured carnival style games to raise money for a designated non-profit organization in the LGBTQ community.  All prizes for the carnival games are paid for and donated by Bear Bash Events.  The carnival booths are always located in our vendor fair.


The carnival booths staffed and run by representatives helping the non-profit charitable organization who is defined as the recipient of the game booths proceeds each year.  In addition, The Orlando Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have provided help to these organizations by staffing the booths at times.


Through our cash donations, Chinese Auctions, and Carnival Games, Bear Bash Events has helped raise thousands of dollars for our local LGBT community organizations.